Aviation Consulting

We're specialists in helping aviation businesses meet their compliance obligations.

We can help you develop quality management systems and manage your projects better.

Software Solutions

We build software to help you capture, manage, and understand your data.

We use modern web frameworks to deliver simple and innovative solutions.

Data Science

Data science is about understanding your business.

We specialise in combining simple reporting with statistically rigorous analysis to help you understand your data.

Know What You Need?


Innovative and simple solutions to manage your aviation data.

Consulting Data Science Software

Aviation Consulting

As good as any solution is, the real challenge is in making work effectively for your business. We specialise in making our solutions fit your business, instead of the other way around.

Business systems

Regulatory Services

We've got a proven track record helping people with:

Training and Testing

We're also able to help with frontline training and checking activities to support your CAR 217, or Part 141/142 organisation:

Open data

Open Up Your Data

The best decisions are based on the best data.

Good data isn't easy to do: It needs to be available, accessible, and well structured .

We make data open and available to you, and then we help you use that data to understand what's actually going on in your business.

Data Science

Data analytics
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Data science is about understanding your business by analysing available data to model and visualise what's happening.

Then we help you answer questions like:

Aviation Training:

Staff Performance:

Software solutions web-app
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Software Solutions

We build mobile-first web apps to capture, store, and analyse your data, and to provide an outstanding user experience across a wide variety of devices.

We don't just do nice-looking frontends — we also build customised infrastructure to store and secure your data.

Our systems are deisgned to do one thing and do it well. But we make sure they can talk with other systems by providing APIs (Application Programning Interfaces) to link your different systems together.

About Us

Specialists in simple and innovative solutions for aviation businesses.


20+ years of experience all over the aviation industry (piston, turboprop, and jets).

We've helped run major airlines, operated flying schools, managed major projects, as well as our fair share of general aviation.

We've also been creating IT solutions for aviation businesses for 15 years.

Why Consulting?

We love solving problems and (and we're good at it!).

Aviation's a competitive business. Most businesses manage day-to-day ops well, but struggle with special projects and big changes.

That's where we come in. We exist to solve these problems for you, so you can focus on making your core business better.

Our CV

Built with Open Source Software

Why Open Source?

It. Just. Works

Using open-source software is a hard-headed business decision that delivers the best possible value for our customers by helping us create better solutions at less cost.

We use mature frameworks that are fast, lightweight and efficient, with top-class security and which are built for scale .

What Technologies Do We Use?

We build our APIs in Python using the excellent Django web framework, whilst our front-ends are usually built using javascript and the Vue.js library.

We can deploy your app either on dedicated Linux web-servers, or on managed cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS.

These technologies are mature, stable, and proven solutions to data and information management that have widespread adoption in both the business and scientific applications.

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